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» Milk Cooling Milchgut Bahnitz

» district heating storage Stadtwerke Erfurt SWE has expanded their CCPP in Erfurt-East by setting up the third gas turbine waste-heat boiler unit as well as a thermal storage tank in pressure-less design with a filling volume of ca. 7,000 m³ and a heat storage capacity of ca. 250MWh which stores the surplus heat for later use in SWE's district heating & hot water network.

» Biomass heating station in Nuremberg With an investment volume of approx. 36 million euros, N-ERGIE is building a biomass heating power plant on its premises in Nuremberg-Sandreuth. Approx. 82 million kWh of heat will in future be generated by burning wood chips instead of natural gas.

» Solar Tower-Power Plant, Public Utility Co. Jülich Politicians, the industrial sector and the researcher community agree that solar thermal power plants will play an important role in energy production worldwide.

» Migration of electrical and I&C equipment, Kassel waste-fuelled heat and power station; new flue gas scrubbing plant, electrical/I&C equipment

» Steam boiler system at Sachsenmilch in Leppersdorf The Leppersdorf dairy, which is located before the gates of the town of Dresden, is one of the most modern milk processing establishments in Europe and produces 1.5 billion kilograms of milk per year.

» Beutenbach district heating and water networks StSt - the competent and reliable supplier of energy and water in the Faber-city.

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Change of the energy source, Schwarza industrial power plant - Thüringische Faser AG, Schwarza

Development of the Schwarza industrial site- EMS GmbH / LEG Thuringia, Rudolstadt

Transformer station – Biodiesel GmbH, Rudolstadt

Remote heating station in Deutenbach - Kraftanlagen München

Biomass heating power station in Calau - Bioenergie GmbH, Pfaffenhofen

Heating power plant, port of Münster - Kraftanlagen München

Central heating water station - EMS GmbH, Rudolstadt

Steam generator – at Sachsenmilch Leppersdorf

New flue gas purification plant, waste-fuelled heat and power station in Kassel - Städtische Werke E+W GmbH Kassel

Transformer station in biomass heating power plant, Jass paper mill - TWA GmbH, Bad Blankenburg

Transformer station - Optipolymers GmbH, Rudolstadt

Electric energy supply system - LATICO-AT, Rudolstadt

Disconnection of mains supply, Coronet/Kurzfaser - LATICO-AT, Rudolstadt

Transformer station - LATICO-AT, Rudolstadt

Electric energy supply system in a thermal processing plant - EMS GmbH, Rudolstadt

Transformer station U606, Schwarza industrial estate- LEG Thuringia, Erfurt

New production hall, Pro Polymer - STFG GmbH, Rudolstadt (re-location of the spinning plant)

Replacement building, 6-kV switchboard U618 - EMS GmbH, Rudolstadt

Electric energy supply system, former SO3 premises - LEG Thuringia, Erfurt (Schwarza industrial area)
New steam turbine 8, waste-fuelled heating power station in Kassel - Städt. Werke E+W GmbH Kassel

New flue gas scrubbing plant, MVA Weisweiler - ete.a GmbH, Lich

Biomass heating power station, Sandreuth - Kraftanlagen München

Electric energy derivation, FKK Kassel - Städt. Werke E+W GmbH Kassel

Replacement building, low-voltage plant for their own use, - EMS GmbH, Rudolstadt

Pump station of Ostspange, Kasseler Fernwärme GmbH - Städt. Werke E+W GmbH Kassel

Transformer station - STFG GmbH, Rudolstadt

Replacement of dome transformers – EMS GmbH, Rudolstadt

Geothermal plant at Unterhaching - SIEMENS AG, München

Pressure maintenance system, district heating network, heating plant in Losse - Städt. Werke E+W GmbH Kassel

Replacement building 20-kV-SA U2003 BASF - BASF GmbH, Rudolstadt

Installation of low-voltage switchboard, AS2_BS1 Xentrys - Xentrys Leuna GmbH

District heating accumulator, SWE Erfurt - Kraftanlagen München

Transformer station NG450, Cryotec GmbH, Wurzen

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