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» Sound transmission test bench, AUDI Ingolstadt

» Roller test bench FIZ BMW München

» Belt Filter

» Thermal lamination, ISOWOOD GmbH Raw materials of the ISOWOOD production are natural fibers that are needled together with synthetics. Adjusting the parameters of such a material mix to the specifics of an intended use opens a wide range of possible applications.

» Control system visitor tunnel,Nuremberg trade fair Extendable and retractable visitor passageway between CCN building and hall 5/6.

» Cooling water plant, MEBCO Control and regulation of redundant circulating, conveying and metering pumps and of various higher-level systems.

» Mammunition incinerator, KMZE-Zeithain The arms and ammunition are destroyed in two furnaces and a blasting demolition chamber. Up to 28 kg of explosives can be incinerated per hour.

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Modification and expansion old people's home Etzelbach - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Riot police Rudolstadt / maintenance buliding A - Staatsbauamt Gera

Police department Saalfeld, maintenance building 1 - Staatsbauamt Gera

Change / new heat supply
college of education Erfurt (control systems) - PAR Leipzig

Reconstruction municipal office, building 1 and 2, Sitzendorf - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Sports complex BTZ Schwarza - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Modernization residential block WBG Kahla, 4x4 residential units - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Modernization of 80 residential units WGR Schwarza, Kepler Str., - Ing.- Büro Sandeck, Saalfeld

Residential block WGR Schwarza, Neue Schulstraße - Ing.-Büro Sandeck, Saalfeld

Change of the energy source - district heat supply
nurse's residence/ hall of residence clinical center Erfurt - PAR Leipzig

School for forestry worker Gehren - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Modification Klinghammerkaserne (Schillerschule) - SER Rudolstadt

Modernization residential block WBG Kahla - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Volksbank Rudolstadt - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Hall of residence BTZ - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Modification of 24 residential units residential block WGR, Keplerstr. 1,2,3 - WGR Rudolstadt

Modification Wohnblock WGR, Wander- Str. 17-20 - WGR Rudolstadt

Administration building Allied Signal - EPC GmbH, Rudolstadt

Residential block 36 residential units (Käthe – Kollwitz - Str. 1a-c) - WGR Rudolstadt

Riot police Rudolstadt, building B - Staatsbauamt Gera

Expansions computer network - secondary school Bad Blankenburg

Sports hall Katzhütte - Gemeinde Katzhütte

New residential building "Semmelpeter" - TWA GmbH, Bad Blankenburg

Secondary school Teichel - EP GmbH, Rudolstadt

Primary school "Anton Sommer" Rudolstadt - Ing.-Büro Gieseler, Rudolstadt

IGZ (start-up center Rudolstadt) - TWA GmbH, Bad Blankenburg

Police department Saalfeld - Staatsbauamt Gera

Forestry office Sonneberg - Staatsbauamt Suhl

Primary school Schwarza - Hochbauamt Rudolstadt

Replacement building children's facility - Stadt Rudolstadt

Cottastraße - Staatsbauamt Gera

Street lighting Unterweißbach - Gemeinde Unterweißbach

Street lighting Sitzendorf - Gemeinde Unterweißbach

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