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Purchaser Kraftanlagen München GmbH
Customer N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft
Services Site advisory service & supervision:
for the installation of the entire electrical and I&C system for fuel delivery, storage & conveyance, boilers, feed-water system, steam generators, condensate system, plant wastewater, ash removal, turbines, heat condensers, flue gas purification, emission measurement as well as heating, air conditioning & ventilation, grounding system, lightning protection, cable tray construction, derivation cables, electrical installations for other consumers, internal and external lighting, fire alarm system, video surveillance cameras and smoke alarm systems, regular scheduling of project dates and deadlines in on-site meetings with contractor (Siemens) and customers, end-of- assembly inspections together with contractor (Siemens) and customers, verification to ensure that all open issues were resolved.
Implementation 2011

With an investment volume of approx. 36 million euros, N-ERGIE is building a biomass heating power plant on its premises in Nuremberg-Sandreuth. An environmentally sound cogeneration system converts wood chips into power and district heating. Carbon dioxide emission is thus cut by 28,000 tons a year.

This biomass heating power plant is intended to be put into operation in 2011, and designed to supply ca. 6 MW of electrical power as well as ca. 14 MW of heat for the existing Nuremberg district heating network. This CHP is the first of its kind in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Approx. 82 million kWh of heat will in future be generated by burning wood chips instead of natural gas, and ca. 35 million kWh of green electricity distributed to around 10,000 homes. The wood chips come from nearby forests.

Source: N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft

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