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Purchaser Kraftanlagen München GmbH
Customer Stadtwerke Erfurt
Services Detail engineering:
Low-voltage switchgears, centralized signal aquisition and control, Lightning and surge protection, circuit diagrams and loops in EPLAN P8 according to power station designation system
Switchboard construction/-delivery:
Low-voltage switchgears, switch cabinet for centralized signal aquisition with SIMATIC ET200M, S7-400 redundant operation, operator panel for local operation, coupling and communication with superordinated T3000 DCS

Application software/Visualization:
Control program, Step7, HMI-System SIMATIC WinCC flexible, communication and modification T3000

Assemblies/ commissioning:
Electrical-, measurement and control assemblies, loop check, commissioning, trial runs, optimization
Implementation 2014

SWE has expanded their CCPP in Erfurt-East by setting up the third gas turbine waste-heat boiler unit as well as a thermal storage tank in pressure-less design with a filling volume of ca. 7,000 m³ and a heat storage capacity of ca. 250MWh which stores the surplus heat for later use in SWE’s district heating & hot water network. Already existing downstream heat condensers allow raising the tank discharge temperature to correspond to the DH flow temperature. This heat accumulator makes it possible to decouple their electricity network from the heat grid supplying their customers.

This new turbine is expected to be put in operation on January 01, 2014 and enable them to keep their Iderhoffstraße heating power station permanently off the grid. In the past, they used to connect said plant to the network in the winter months from November to February in order to service the higher heating demands. “Currently, during normal operation, we are achieving fuel utilization rates of 85%. With the CHP unit generating only electricity, the economic load point is 60%. A larger facility allows us to reach fuel utilization rates of up to ca. 90% as well as higher efficiencies in electricity and heat production. And we can respond more rapidly to changes in demand”, says Norbert Schneider about the advantages associated with this enlargement.

Source: SWE- Stadtwerke Erfurt Group

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