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» Prozessabluft TUBEX Wasungen

» Ammunition disposal plant, flue gas cleaning An SPO blast chamber and the corresponding multistage flue gas treatment system were put into operation in the middle of 2010. This plant is the first of its kind in the new EU country Bulgaria.

» Process exhaust air system, Linhardt There is more to LINHARDT packaging systems than meets the eye. A great deal of know-how goes into manufacturing them. Their closures are made to measure and their decorative finishes are small works of art. Just as clothes make the man, packaging makes products. We frequently judge other people on the basis of their clothing. Similarly, customers judge the quality of a product on the basis of the tube or jar containing it. LINHARDT packaging systems give customers the same good feeling as a made-to-measure suit famously does.

» Catalytic afterburning unit, Leuna-Harze, Leuna sonUtec has designed and supplied a multi-stage gas cleaning system for the treatment of waste gases. This system consists of two wet scrubbers and a catalytic afterburning system in which the primary treatment process takes place. All organic components and carbon monoxide are catalytically oxidised at temperatures of 450°C.

» Catalytic secondary combustion, EGIS PLC, Ungarn VOC-charged off-gases, called SLA, develop during the drying process of pharmaceutical products in a fluid bed granulator. As the solvent concentration tends to increase in each particular batch, the concentration is measured continuously to keep it below the lower explosive limit.

» Ammunition disposal plant-flue-gas treatment Disposal of small and medium-calibre ammunition with a length of at least 5.45mm, grenades with a maximum length of 155 mm, igniters, explosives and propulsive charges once placed inside large calibre weapons.

» Wastewater treatment plant, Introtec, Schwarza Overall treatment capacity is approx. 8,500 m³ per day, calculated with an organic load of 400,000 population equivalents. Most waste water comes from the Jass paper mill and undergoes combined anaerobic and aerobic treatment.

» complex waste gas cleaning, GEKA-Munster, Munster This facility meets all regulations concerning environmental and industrial safety and allows for the safe disposal of the remains of World Wars I and II and the environmentally friendly disposal of ammunitions and other explosives.

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