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Purchaser Kraftanlagen München GmbH
Customer Sachsenmilch AG
Services Detail engineering:
centralized and decentralized signal aquisition, automation with SIMATIC S7-400, process control system WinCC at OP270, application software (also boiler sequential phase control), electrical assemblies

switchboard construction:
centralized and decentralized signal aquisition, automation devices, motor control

Measurement and control field equipment, electrical-, measurement and control assemblies, commissioning
Implementation 2004

The Leppersdorf dairy, which is located before the gates of the town of Dresden, is one of the most modern milk processing establishments in Europe and produces 1.5 billion kilograms of milk per year. Basic and fresh products, cheese and powder number among the dairy’s products, which are made by approx. 1500 employees in five production areas.

Sachsenmilch AG is part of the Müller group, an internationally acting enterprise whose headquarters are in Aretsried near the town of Augsburg in Bavaria. Undertakings inside the group include, among other businesses, five dairy companies and sales offices in Italy, Austria and Czech Republic, approx. 4,500 employees work at the group.

Source: Sachsenmilch AG

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