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Purchaser Kraftanlagen München GmbH
Customer Stadtwerke Stein GmbH & Co. KG
Services Detail engineering:
centralized signal aquisition, automation with SIMATIC S7-400, process control system WinCC at MP370, application software (also boiler sequential phase control), electrical assemblies

Switchboard construction:
centralized signal aquisition, automation devices, motor control

Measurement and control field equipment, electrical-, measurement and control assemblies, commissioning
Implementation 2005

StSt – the competent and reliable supplier of energy and water in the Faber-city

The secure and modern supply of energy and water is a key factor for the economic capability and future viability of the town of Stein – for all of its citizens, for private households, agricultural, commercial and industrial businesses and municipal authorities. StSt, an economically independent supplier of energy and water, stands for such security and offers its customers tailor-made supply services. Per year, and at competitive prices, StSt supplies their customers with ca. 36,000 MWh of electricity, 90,000 MWh of gas, 800,000 m³ of water, and 14,500 MWh of heat.

StSt’s supplies its products to the households in the town of Stein and, always depending on the sort of energy, also to customers in most of the surrounding and meanwhile incorporated districts.

To guarantee consistency of supply to the around 14,000 inhabitants, StSt operate large networks such as 44 kilometers of medium voltage and 84 kilometers of low-voltage lines, 38 kilometers of gas supply lines in two pressure levels, 63 kilometers of drinking water lines, and a conventional bivalent-operation heating station (natural gas/oil) to provide space heating and warm water for around 1,600 residential and commercial units. The company’s headquarters in the heart of the town of Stein guarantee customer proximity and operational safety of all technical facilities and systems.

Source: Stadtwerke Stein GmbH & Co. KG

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