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» Adaptation of the tank boiler system

» Substitution Line 3, Deutsche Foamglas GmbH Optimizations and expansions of the production processes of line 3 made it necessary to replace the old S 5 central unit by a more efficient VIPA S7 compatible control unit. By using a VIPA IM 306 DP module it became possible to continue to utilize the old S5 I/O components.

» Substitution VABES 2 und 3, Deutsche Foamglas GmbH Following a format change of the cellular glass blocks, the transportat control system between the foaming furnace and the cooling section was replaced by a new one.

» Substitution of line 2, Deutsche Foamglas GmbH After almost 20 years of operation, and after an increasing number of breakdowns, all components in electrical and I&C systems were replaced.

» Substitution of SIMATIC S5 -> S7, Schwarza MATEC GmbH has expanded the existing process control system in the sewage treatment plant in 2004, and now it is intended to replace all old S5 control systems installed in 1998.

» Relocation of a filling plant, STAUF Klebstoffe Disassembly, relocation and reconstruction of an adhesive filling system. Migration of signal recording and weighing equipment.

» Migration of motor control equipment, SABIC, SA As a part of the reconstruction of a polyester plant in Saudi Arabia, 400 motor control units with their own system bus once supplied by the company Zimmer were replaced by SIMOCODE pro C controllers with profibus interface from SIEMENS.

» Make-up carriage, Phoenix Conveyer Belt System The make-up carriage for the steel conveyor belt press no. 9 was migrated and optimised.

» Migration SIMATIC S5 -> S7, ENKA-Elsterberg The former "artificial silk" factory which today is a viscose fiber plant, wants to have state-of-the-art control systems in various areas. Installation is planned to take place during ongoing operations and/or with only short downtimes.

» Bio mass power plant, B&B Bioenergie, Calau The plant was completely reconstructed as a state-of-the-art facility and converted into a biomass power plant.

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