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Purchaser BAMAG GmbH
Customer Introtec Schwarza GmbH
Services Basic- and detail engineering:
centralized and decentralized signal acquisition, automation with SIMATIC S7-400 and S7300, process control system WinCC, application software and visualization, electrical assemblies

Switchboard construction:
centralized and decentralized signal acquisition, automation devices, motor control

measurement and control field equipment, electrical-, measurement and control assemblies, commissioning
Implementation 2004

OTWA Ostthüringer Wasser und Abwasser GmbH, a subsidiary of Veolia Wasser, has been operating the treatment plant since February 2006 as major associate. Five employees guarantee 24-h support on seven days a week for currently 17 indirect dischargers.

Their services include the management of all technical and business operations related to the surface water drainage network, a vacuum drainage system, a wastewater treatment plant with two technically separate treatment paths, a sewage sludge landfill, an emergency reservoir, and several outlet structures to discharge the treated wastewater into the Saale river. Overall treatment capacity is approx. 8,500 m³; per day, calculated with an organic load of 400,000 population equivalents. Most waste water comes from the Jass paper mill and undergoes combined anaerobic and aerobic treatment.

Annually, the company’ two plants in Fulda and Schwarza produce approx. 400,000 metric tons of corrugated board from waste paper. The reintroduction of clarified water, biological sludge and biogas into the processes in the Schwarza paper mill is good for the environment and for the budget as well.

Source: Introtec Schwarza GmbH

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