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Purchaser sonUtec GmbH Sonneberger Umwelttechnik
Customer DUNARIT Corp., Bulgarien
Services Basic- and detail engineering:
entralized and Decentralized signal aquisition, automation with SIMATIC S7-300, process control system WinCC, application software and visualization, electrical installation

Switchboard construction:

Decentralized signal aquisition, automation equipment, process control

Measurement and control field equipment, electrical-, measurement and control assemblies, commissioning
Implementation 2010

As in many other countries, the environmentally sound disposal of ammunition is a necessity also in Bulgaria.
DUNARIT Corp.’s workshop near Ruse is an ideal storage and disposal place for ammunition, grenades and parts thereof.
During the project lead time, the investors evaluated proposals submitted by several bidders with a view to the technical equipment and references provided.
Finally, they decided to accept sonUtec’s offer.
In mid-2010, a SPO detonation furnace and the corresponding multistage flue-gas treatment system will be put into operation.
That plant is the first of its kind in the new EC-member country of Bulgaria.
The detonation furnace allows destroying all ammunition in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
Metal scrap created in this process is free from organic matter and sold to customers in the metallurgy sector.
All processes are monitored from the central control room, all processes are visualized and all data stored.
Swift and quick remote support is available via a service hotline. Decommissioning equipment for ammunition disassembly and recovery of valuable substances has already been put in use.

Source: sonUtec

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